Web Video Tips

Video tips for the aspects of emotional Web video, which can cause some to stand out and go viral and others to sink like a stone.

This depends entirely on what the video content is, but the are some important elements that you must look at to have a professional, interesting, entertaining video that can go viral.. It doesn’t matter, what is the topic with a well produced Niche Web video, you can talk about a new product, you can describe a how-to situation, or if you like even talk about your hobby.

As video marketing becomes more and more the medium that people are using, you need to stand out amongst the crowd, there are several tips that you can use to make your video stand out from the millions of others.


as with most things, preparation, plays a big part in the preproduction phase of niche Web videos, this is where you lay out what you want your video to look like, what is the message, and how you want to say it.

Taking time to work out the answer to these questions will give you the opportunity to figure out how to make your video look excellent. Depending on what you want your video to convey, few basic elements including clothing, type of camera, angles you are using during the shoot, will all become very important. Setting the mood for a video is also important, using humor, or seriousness.

The setting of your theme will relate, to your niche audience needs and wants, that is why the planning of what you want to get across to your niche audience becomes important.

Tell a story

make sure that you have a story, all good copy sells a story, the story has the emotional elements of what can be called peaks and valleys, the ups and downs of emotional involvement. The peak of up, is a powerful emotional trigger that you can convey in a various number of ways.

The emotional high in a video regarding a product, would be the benefits of how this product would make a great difference in your life, you would follow this through in part to the emotional valley of video. The Valley would be also be used to flatten off any emotional high, which could involve the mundane aspects of how the product works.

Selling a red or green widget can be made more appealing through the aspects of using the peak and valley method of getting people interested.

Whatever your red or green widget is, take your viewers through the use of emotional triggers, and you’ll get a better result. In terms of engagement with your video, humor will always be popular as an emotional trigger, but when you can make your viewers have the angry sad, or even thoughtful connection with your Web video you’re offering will be extremely successful.

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