Is Medical School Worth It?

Choosing the right course for graduation and following up with a great career can be quite daunting. There are so many options out there, which often confuse us with what to choose. The paths are difficult but sometimes lead to beautiful ends. Often the mainstream courses like engineering or medicine are chosen over other non-traditional courses, especially in India. However, these mainstream courses come with a cost in terms of the efforts they ask demands. 

For example, a course in a top medical college can firstly be very tough to get into. After all the hustle-bustle, you finally make it to the course. Through the years of study, you realize how tough it is to keep up with all the different demands of medical school. Even though you are through with the course, the future sometimes seems quite bleak with what to do next. After all this hue and cry, some of us even end up wondering, is medical school worth it? Well, the most obvious answer would be that it entirely depends on your passion and what you intend to do in life. 

Your Ambition and Goals 

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Choosing a particular career or course in any stream is first and foremost a matter of choice. What you want to make out of the course and how you take it forward entirely depends on you. If you make a decision to pursue something, then in the end you will not have regrets and everything you do will be worth the effort. So, make sure on what career you want to choose and why you want to go for it. The values that you stand by and the impact you want to leave on the world can be the deciding factors as well. A medical school gives a lot of room to bring great positivity in many lives. If that is something that motivates you and you want to do for the rest of your life, then you would never ask is medical school worth it!


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Although the medical profession is one of the noblest careers, the initial costs sometimes are rather high and enormous. Bearing all those expenses can bring a certain amount of financial pressure on many medical school students. However, once you complete the course from the best possible university, your career also becomes quite lucrative. Soon you will be in a position to repay all the debts due to high fees and the cost in general seems to be manageable in the longer run. If you manage to get a scholarship for your studies, then that would be a boon. Medical schools are one of the best places to study and develop oneself. 

After one goes through a lot of struggle with constant effort to manage graduation, they might sometimes end up feeling – is medical school worth it! But, the crucial part lies in the fact that the impact a medical career brings in so many lives is unparalleled!  

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